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South Bend Second Anniversary Celebration

2022 was BRIGHT Orange for SB.

Oct 28th celebration we give recognitions to athletes for their performance throughout this year.

In 2022 we really work very hard to improving our game not only in technique, but fitness and mental game. From our youngest judoka to our senior team, they all delivery and we are proud of them for leaving our club, city and name in the top the podium.

We took a look in to the new Judokas to look for:

  • Emiliano Fernandez

  • Romeo Figueroa-Rodriguez

  • Andrea Pavon

  • Jionni Pavon

  • Isack Rivera

  • Camila Hernadez

Looking forward in to 2023 for those athletes.

Certificate for great performance goes to!!

The winners of this certificate are base in their result in the 2022 tournaments.

  • Best Judoka Spirit: Gael Gonzalez

  • Best Female Judoka: Mia Ramirez

  • Best Male Bantam Judoka: Aaron Rivera

  • Best Male Intermedia Judoka: Bryan Marquez

  • Best Male Senior Judoka: Nicholas Wegner

  • Best SBJC Judoka: Leon Leal Tazon

We almost reach 100 medals SB fam!

This is teamwork! We make each other better every day.

2023 we are ready! Remember to help us with sharing this great news. South bend and Michiana need to know what excellent job our orange team had done this year.

Thank You!

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