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We are super excited to have you all for the camp and the following events please take you time to see all the activities we are doing the all summer. Our summer program is design for all you, please take advantage. Please let know if you any question there is plenty of time to plant all of the trip remember we are going to out first Junior Olympic Nationals and we want all of our athletes to be ready.

please share this info of our first session of the summer camp with friends and family members that is a great help in supporting our club, check the event calendar!

Thank you!

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  1. Rank #5 in the nation G. Gonzalez is trying to make his goal for 2024 come true. To be rank #1 in the nation.

  2. Leon L. We have a tough year for his weight category but everything is possible he's wish is to be in the podium like years prior.

  3. Meanwhile, Bryan Karim Jionni and Romeo, will be coming for their first and some second national.

  4. Athletes such as, Fernadez and Hawkins are trying their new category in their competitive mats. We wish them luck.

  5. Beginner athletes, such as Henry And Rodriguez will do their best to represent our city with pride.

  6. The adult program won't stay behind with two of our active competitors Huffman and Eid. Best of luck in future tournaments.

Good luck to our athletes in there future competitions in 2024.

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New SBJC 2024 shirts

New shirt for all of our judo family, we have shirt customfor the moms and the dads.

For future tournaments and events.

If you have any questions about the the shirts please let me know !

Thanks you!

Sensei Gabriel

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